About Us

Hi, I’m Angela and I’m the founder of Sasha’s table. I created the brand in 2020 in honour of my grandma, Sasha. At the start of the 20th century Sasha's parents were well-known tailors in Ukraine. They passed their knowledge to their daughter, which she then passed on to me. My granny taught me to sew and cook, setting an example for us with the way she took care of our family. Even when times were tough, Sasha's table was a place full of fun and laughter. Above all, she taught me to celebrate life, whatever the occasion. 

With the world switching to remote working, we suddenly find ourselves spending more time than ever before with our loved ones. Our designs are a celebration of family. Centred around the kitchen table, they are a colourful encouragement to find something to celebrate with the ones we love, each and every day.